Fresno woman pleads for return of cherished items

FRESNO, Calif.

Early this week someone stole a trailer containing everything from her wedding dress, family photos, and prized collectibles.

The trailer was serving as temporary storage for the Stockton's personal items. They were items that are only important to the family, like most of their wedding photos and the only copy of their wedding video.

A scar in the cement driveway and a broken lock were all that was left behind after the theft. "There were baby toys in there, clothes, just different things in there that were memories just for us," said Jaime Stockton. She told Action News the trailer was stolen from her rental property in Tarpey Village sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning.

Stockton and her husband had been moving the items from a storage shed to their home in Fresno. She said a neighbor called to tell her what happened. "The locks were cut and trailer was gone," she said.

Inside the trailer were Stockton's most sentimental belongings, including her wedding dress, family photos and a collection of baseball caps her late father left her.

"It's my dad's stuff, and to someone else that doesn't mean anything, and I know it's just a baseball cap, but he passed away," she said.

Stockton said two weeks after her father passed away she found out she was pregnant with her first child. "Those were things that I wanted to be able to show my children, he never got to meet them," Stockton said.

She and her husband have been searching their's and surrounding neighborhoods hoping to spot the small white trailer.

"I don't even care if it's the people who took the trailer, I just want my stuff back," she pleaded.

A report has been filed with the Fresno County Sheriff's Office, but since it's already been four days since the trailer was stolen the Stockton's say their hope is running out.

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