Good Friday Procession in Calwa

CALWA, Calif.

"For us the Good Friday, holy week is one of the main events of the year. Being united with our God," said Father Gabriel.

Saint Anthony Mary Claret Church in Calwa has been putting on the event for several decades, but it was Rafaela Hernandez's first time attending with two of her children. "It's a way to show our kids the real meaning of this day and they can see exactly how it happened."

The procession moved through several Calwa streets, stopping at various points, depicting the Stations of the Cross. Catholic faithful made their way from one station to the other singing and praying.

The two-hour walk was difficult, physically, for Concepcion Reyes, but she said it was her way of thanking God for helping her through some medical problems this year. "I need to pay god the price he paid for me. It's important, a little sacrifice."

With the tough economy, Father Gabriel says many are carrying their own 'crosses' and hardships every day. Friday's observance is a time for people to find comfort in their faith and one another.

"If you are suffering and you feel the strength of other peoples shoulders and comfort and empathy -- it makes a big difference."

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