Royal Wedding fever infects the Valley

FRESNO, California

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When they announced their engagement five months ago, Kate Middleton wore a simple, yet classic style dark blue dress.

However, she is known for her sense of style, so the questions are swirling, what kind of dress will Kate wear as she walks down the aisle?

Tracy Barnes of Premier Bride in Northwest Fresno said, "Everyone is just holding their breath to see what Kate is going to wear."

Will she wear a cape? Will the dress have jewels? Maybe ruffles or flowers? But one thing it won't be, is strapless. Kate's shoulders must be covered inside Westminster Abby.

Doreen Morris-Wright of Cinderella Cellar in Central Fresno said, "She will have sleeves, it might be something that will be able to come off, like a bolero or something, but I'm guessing it's going to be part of the design of the gown, she will have sleeves."

Wright says for more than a century, high profile figures have influenced bridal couture. She says wedding dresses were multi-colored until Queen Victoria wore white in 1840. From then on white was the fashion. Actress Grace Kelly introduced a form fitting lace bodice in 1956. Tracy Barnes says once the world got a look at Princess Diana's dress in 1981, puffy sleeves were all the rage for weddings for the next decade.

Tracy Barnes said, "Within five hours of their wedding airing, someone had already sketched it and they already had a mock-up knock off of her dress."

The look for the modern bride is strapless. The question is: Will Kate Middleton's dress change the course of bridal design for the next several years. Tracy Barnes and her colleagues will be watching closely. Starting at three a.m. Friday morning they'll be hosting a viewing party for the local bridal industry.

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