4/26/2011 AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

The California Strawberry Commission says shipments to regions where the tsunami struck have gradually stabilized as transportation and communications systems were restored. The commission says Japan's recovery is crucial for the strawberry business and for other fruit and vegetable growers in California.

Japan is California's number three export market. In 2009 the state's shipments to Japan totaled more than $1-billiion. The country's concern over radioactive contamination may also boost demand for imported food. Total U.S. agricultural exports to Japan this year will reach $13-billion.

Inspectors are reporting encouraging news in their fight to stop a serious grapevine pest here in California.

The California Farm Bureau Federation says fewer European grapevine moths have been trapped this spring. So far only five have been found in Napa County -- in a region where state pest control officials reported finding tens of thousands of moths a year ago.

Another three moths have been found near Gilroy, but authorities say they believe they're making progress in controlling the moth.

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