16 thousand pills used for meth seized in Reedley


The manager of Heritage Self-Storage in Reedley called police on Monday, after she found the pills, alongside several containers full of liquid chemicals. The materials are used to make meth.

The stash is so large, investigators turned the case over to the state run agency HITDA, which stands for High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area.

Sgt. Robert Sherrow said, "They specialize in a large quantity of pills like we discovered here, so it's really their specialty."

Meth labs like this one have caught the attention of Valley lawmakers.

Senator Anthony Cannella of Ceres proposed a bill Tuesday, targeting meth producers. He wants to make it a felony to possess more than a half a pound, or 7500 pills of ephedrine or pseudoephedrine, common ingredients used to make meth.

The current law states someone can only be found guilty of a felony if law enforcement can prove they have intent to make meth. "There's really no reason someone should be carrying around 7500 tablets of ephedrine or pseudoephedrine. That's just crazy." Right now, pharmacies can only sell 3.6 grams to a single customer per day. But, drug makers, are working around the system.

"What these folks do. They just go from store to store and buy 3.6 grams of ephedrine."

Senator Cannella says he's not surprised by the discovery in Reedley, calling the Central Valley, the meth capitol of California.

As for the woman who found the stash, she tells Action News, she's still in shock. And so are Reedley Police. "We've never discovered this amount of pills here in the city of Reedley."

No arrests have been made. Police say they have the name of the person who was renting the unit. But that lead went nowhere. They are providing all the information they do have to HITDA detectives.

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