Trout fishing season begins


It looks like a fisherman's dream, but this is no trout stream. It's a run at the San Joaquin fish hatchery. There's more than a million fish here, everything from small fry, to giants.

Terrie Torres: "We hope the anglers will be happy with what we've produced here and enjoy themselves."

Fish raised here are being planted in lakes and streams from the pacific coast to the Nevada border and plenty were just placed closer to home into the San Joaquin River. Fresno fisherman Tang Vang was trying his luck at Lost Lake Park. "It's pretty good, I was supposed to get six, but three got away."

These fish were just stocked Thursday Leroy Pretzer wasn't too impressed.

Reporter: "How's the fishing today?"

Leroy Pretzer: "Lousy I got three."

Reporter: "That sounds pretty good."

Leroy Pretzer: "It's not good they are small. The fish are pretty small."

But there are big ones where those came from.

Terrie Torres: "We have trophy fish here that we've raised for two or three years and they are humongous."

A lot of those big ones will be planted in lakes and streams as the season progresses and it looks like there will be more competition for them.

Bob Scharton: "We have sold more fishing licenses this year to date than we did last year, people are doing things staying closer to home because of gas prices."

One popular fishing spot, Hensley Lake in Madera County will draw crowds Saturday morning for the annual kids fishing derby. And with all the water in lakes and streams, and all the fish here, it promises to be a good year for anglers.

Terrie Torres: "We just hope everybody has a great trout year."

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