Final preparations are under way for the Royal Wedding


There was time for one more last minute rehearsal at the Abbey Thursday morning. Kate Middleton and the Best Man Prince Harry, along with the bridesmaids entering a side door for one final run through.

The order for the wedding service was published this morning in a souvenir official program.

"From coal mining to future Queen of England. I mean, It's an astonishing story. It is a fairytale frankly," said Duncan Larcomb with The Sun.

The bride-to-be is spending her last day as a commoner with her family at the Goring Hotel where they'll host a pre-wedding dinner Thursday night. Prince William will spend his last night as a bachelor at Clarence House where he'll have quiet dinner with his dad Prince Charles, brother Harry and step mom Camilla.

Two-billion people will watch Friday's pomp and pageantry. Some of them have been staking out prime real estate near the historic Abbey and Buckingham Palace for days.

"It's a once in a lifetime opportunity," said Scott Anchin from Washington D.C.

"We wanted to have the best seat to view the royal wedding. We want to see Kate and William and just come and join in the atmosphere really," said Gemma Freeman from Cornwall, England.

The atmosphere is building to fever pitch. Wednesday's full rehearsal was complete with horseback trumpet players, flyovers by The Royal Air Force, and in pre-dawn quiet all the Queen's horses and all the Queen's men. Besides the flowers, there were eight 20-foot trees brought in to decorate the 1,000-year-old Abbey.

There's a real sense of growing excitement here this morning, hundreds of people are now camping out on the street down there for the historic marriage of the young couple who will one day be the future King and Queen of England.

All eyes now on the weather and it doesn't look great. Forecasters say 70% chance of rain on William and Kate's big day.

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