Sarah Palin heads to Lemoore's West Hills College


The constant sound of sawing, hammering, and sweeping can be heard at Lemoore's West Hills College brand new Golden Eagle Arena. More than two-hundred workers are working overtime to get the place ready for its grand opening and Sarah Palin's appearance this Sunday.

West Hills College President, Don Warkentin said, "There's a lot of clean up testing of the sound system testing of the lighting, touching up paint details some landscaping details."

School officials are excited for Palin's appearance, adding that it will not only garner publicity to the school, but much-needed funding. The event is expected to rake in between $100 to $200 thousand. The school's foundation paid $115-thousand to land Sarah Palin.

Warkentin said, "As you know we are in a difficult budget situation and we are using this event to help us generate some funding for things we want to keep on having for our students and our programs not having to cut those."

The school's president has been informed a number of protesters will make their voices heard on Sunday. Students have mixed views on the former republican vice presidential candidate coming to their small campus.

Theron Thomas said, "Probably bad I might show up to the presentation just to see what she has to say an what she's going to talk about but over all a negative effect."

Richard Castillo said, "I agree that she's coming you know every student has a chance to listen to her."

Deseree Soto said, "I think it's actually really good for Lemoore, it's a small town we always need someone to come down and motivate the students."

After Palin's speech, people who purchased tickets for a $30 thousand dinner with Palin will get to take a photo with her and get a signed copy of her book, "Going Rogue."

Palin is the first of several high profile people coming to campus. In september, Laura Bush will be speaking to students. Next February, Princeton scholar Cornell West will be coming.

Sarah Palin's speech begins at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday at the Golden Eagle Arena. School officials estimate there will be just under 2,000 people inside watching.

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