Two brothers killed at Central Fresno party

FRESNO, Calif.

The two victims are identified as 29-year-old Eddie Martinez and his brother Gilbert Martinez.

The age of the second brother is not yet clear but Action News was told they're both gang members. Police have done several interviews but the shooter has not been arrested

Two men are dead after a shooting at a party in a Central Fresno apartment complex.

Investigators spent Saturday morning going over evidence. A portion of North Pleasant was blocked off as some of the evidence was in the street and along the sidewalk.

"It was a little bit muffled, but it sounded like a dispute between a boyfriend girlfriend, possibly," Rhonda Anderson said.

Anderson lives just across the street from the Pleasant Village Apartment Complex.

She says shortly after she fell asleep a loud argument woke her up. "It sounded to me like another guy got involved in it. And some guys were yelling next."

Anderson says the next thing she heard was a gun shot. Another neighbor who didn't want to talk on camera tells Action News he heard at least four shots fired.

Anderson says immediately after she heard the gunshots several cars sped away from the party.

"It's really sad because life is too valuable and too short. And these people are taking somebody else's life over silly stuff."

Police have not yet released an official motive for this shooting.

The shooting deaths of the Martinez brothers mark the 16th and 17th homicides in Fresno this year.

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