China Peak's snow season winds down

FRESNO, Calif.

For many in the Valley, this is the last chance they'll be able to ski or snowboard down the mountain this season.

"Pretty awesome so far man!" Bryan Thomas of Fresno said.

"It's amazing. I've had some amazing power days and it's been great. Definitely one of the top seasons in quite a few years," Ashley Thomas of San Luis Obispo said.

The winter and spring has been kind to China Peak in terms of snowfall.

Resort officials estimate nearly 600 inches of snow fell onto the Sierras this season.

That's resulted in more than 160,000 visitors.

And although there is enough of the white stuff to stay open well into May or June, marketing director Debbie Neely says it's time to close up shop.

"It's a tough call. But unfortunately in the Valley even though we have great skiing still on the whole hill, weather is changing and people's interests are changing," Neely said.

So with just a couple days left a lot of people are taking full advantage of the warm spring conditions.

We saw many who decided to ditch their winter wardrobe for something a little more comfortable.

" How's the weather? Describe it for me?" "It's not slushy today. Good way to end the season off," Kenneth Villafria of Fresno said.

For others it was just another day at the office.

But no matter what you wore or who you came with, most of the people we spoke with enjoyed the final days of the season.

"Ohh it's been fantastic. I come up here every April. And it's the best conditions I've seen in 10 years," Matt Parker of Fresno said.

Sunday marks the final day of the winter season at China Peak.

But outdoor enthusiasts won't have to wait long for their next adventure.

For the first time in nearly 20 years you will be able to go mountain biking there and the summer season starts in July.

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