Clovis students investigated for underage drinking

FRESNO, Calif.

Around midnight, police were called out to Clovis and Herndon where a bus driver reported dozens of students were intoxicated.

Officers say two party buses were carrying Buchanan High School students returning from their prom night at Holland Park West.

Authorities say most of the students had been drinking alcohol they snuck onto the bus.

One of the party bus drivers says the group had stopped at the In-N-Out restaurant when he noticed a large number of students were intoxicated.

"Some boys snuck in alcohol inside water bottles and hid them in their pants and we couldn't search there," bus driver Charlie Roberts said.

"We made contact with the juveniles and determined the majority had been consuming alcohol. It appears they smuggled alcohol in the bus. Some were unable to stand and had to be assisted," Sgt. Jim Koch said.

Officers say the intoxicated students were cited and turned over to the police probation team.

Parents were then contacted to pick up their kids.

Clovis Police say they're still investigating the incident and they tell Action News Buchanan High School has launched its own investigation.

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