Valley Congressman knew of Bin Laden Raid

FRESNO, Calif.

He told Action News; "We were briefed in January. the committee was briefed but we didnt know exactly what was going on for good reason."

Nunes serves on the House Intelligence Committee and while he was advised something was in the works, he wasn't sure it would happen.

There's been a lot of these dry wells, where we thought there was something going on, so in fact, I thought it probably wouldn't amount to anything, but it did, which is good."

Nunes is a conservative Republican and is willing to give President Obama some credit for the raid.

"I think people have given the President credit where credit is due, but I mean even the President himself has said the credit doesn't belong to any politician it belongs to the men and women in uniform and the men and women that are part of our intelligence agencies across the board and across the globe that have basically put their lives on the line to hunt down and kill these bad guys."

But Nunes gives unqualified support to the President's decision to keep the photos of Bin Laden's body secret. He says he and members of his committee were asked directly by the military to keep the photos under wraps.

"If those folks who are putting their lives on the line to protect our liberties and freedom, asked me not to do that I'm going to support what they want. And thats essentially what the President of the United States made the right decision to not release the photos."

Nunes says he has questions as to whether Pakistan's military and government knew Bin Laden was hiding in the city of Abbottabad. He describes our alliance with Pakistan as a "necessary evil" and is willing to let the facts come out before passing judgment on their possible connections to Osama bin Laden.

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