Spending more on Mother's Day

FRESNO, Calif.

And this year, economists believe moms will receive a wide variety of gifts, including the pricier ones.

Despite higher gas prices and a weak economy, family members will wind up spending more this Mother's Day by purchasing some big ticket items.

Spoiling mom with flowers and brunch is nothing new on Mother's Day.

"Pretty much what we're gonna do today is just do whatever she wants to do. I did get her one thing though. This pretty little flower," Conner Moote said.

But, this year, economists say moms are getting pampered even more.

Take Ricardo Torres of Reedley for example, who took his wife on a shopping spree.

"How much would you say you spent? About a hundred," Ricardo Torres said.

According to the National Retail Federation, the average person celebrating Mother's Day will spend $140.73 cents on gifts this year.

That's up from $126.90 cents last year. And indulgent items are becoming more popular.

The number of people buying electronics will rise 48-percent over last year.

And jewelry purchases will increase by 19-percent.

Monica Lopez of Fresno spent more than a $100 on a sapphire necklace for her mom.

"Are you spending more this year than you did last year?

Oh yes. I wasn't working last year. Of course she's getting a better gift this year, ha," Monica Lopez said.

Economist Dr. William Rice says, job growth is a contributing factor.

"When you have a positive feeling, you think well, you know, I can put this on my credit card and pass this over a few months, I think I can do okay because the economy is turning around. That's when people start to spend money," Dr. William rice said.

And while mothers appreciate the generosity, the ones we spoke to say the best gifts are priceless.

Kim Mueller said, "I just got a message saying I love you mom--from the oldest."

"The little things that count, like their hugs and just them being with us," Yessica Olvera said.

The National Retail Federation expects total spending for Mother's Day this year will reach $16.3 billion.

That's more than one-third of what people spend on Father's Day.

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