Allergy season hits the Valley hard

FRESNO, Calif.

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In short, the season started later thanks to the weather pattern.

And this year's allergy season is wreaking havoc on many here in the Valley. Especially those who like to or have to be outdoors.

Spring in the Valley is the perfect time, for some, to spend the day outdoors, and for many kids to play in the park, but allergy season is packing a big punch this year. And kids like Justice Garcia are suffering for it.

"A lot of times he'll wake up in the morning and he'll have a hard time breathing," Richard Garcia said.

Garcia says his little boy suffers from asthma, so on days with poor air quality he keeps a close eye on him.

He tries to limit Justice's exposure to high pollen counts or air pollutants.

"I have to, because he loves going to the park, so it's something you have to be conscious of when your kid is asthmatic."

Avoiding peak pollen time is the key to avoiding major allergic reactions, says Dr. A.M. Aminian.

"During the springs season the pollen count is higher in the early morning. So if you leave your window open overnight to get more fresh air, you get more pollens."

Dr. A.M. Aminian is the Medical Director for the Alergy Institue in North East Fresno. He says grass, trees and other plants are putting out intense amounts of pollen as they make up for a late start to their spring bloom.

And allergy season will only get tougher he says, as summer draws near.

"As we get deeper into this season, then the weeds start pollinating. And right after that we get the weather change with the heat and with the smog level people start having more problems."

That's bad news for Garcia, who doesn't like it when the joy of being outdoors makes it tough for his little boy to breathe.

"As a parents it's hard to watch him suffer."

Dr. A.M. Aminian also says it's a good idea when you finish outdoor activities and head home from the park, to take a shower and change your clothes because the pollen will attach itself to your hair and whatever you were wearing.

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