Social Savvy Vacation

FRESNO, Calif.

Travelers can now toss aside tour books and just click on a smartphone app.

American express travel can help you add a bit of mystery to your vacation.

The "nextpedition experience " uses a social media-style personality quiz to help design your vacation.

It even picks mystery locations for you to visit.

"I would get 30 updates a day with places to go, and I could sift through them and say, you know, I personally really would rather do this over that," Sian-Pierre Regis said.

Travelers on their own, can click on the "in-the-mo" app for iPhone.

It lists restaurants, hotels and sights the locals are talking about with added videos.

The "Tripline" app lets travelers share an interactive trip map, and shows check-ins at the places found along the way.

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