Shaela Warkentin can't wait to go home

FRESNO, Calif.

The Bullard High School sophomore has been hospitalized since she was critically injured in a car accident in March. Shaela spoke with Action News about her recovery.

Every day at Children's Hospital in Madera County is spent in therapy, speech, occupational, and physical therapy ... preparing this Bullard High School teenager for a new life at home.

It was two months ago that Shaela's life changed forever. Once a soccer player, church worship team singer, and socially active sophomore, now must look at life differently.

A car accident March 8th critically injured Shaela, tearing her face and leaving metal and glass in her skull.

After weeks at Community Regional Medical Center and then Children's Hospital, Shaela is ready to sleep in her own bed.

"I miss my room the most," said Shaela. "My pets of course so much, watching TV, playing on my computer and just stuff like that, and swimming definitely!"

Shaela is perky and talkative, and can't wait for her hair to grow out. But she also understands the gravity of what lies ahead. "If my hair was out and I was fully healed, it would be really, really really cool to go back to school, and I'd love to, but if I don't fully heal with my eyes, I don't think I would want to go back to school."

Shaela remembers nothing directly before or after her accident. Her parents say considering the extent of her injuries, it's a miracle she's even alive.

Shaela's mother Lisa says she watched experienced surgeons shake their heads at Shaela's recovery. "They'd walk back out thinking they had the wrong room, thinking it wasn't the same child that sustained this major of an injury."

Ken, Shaela's father said, "Maybe we haven't had the miracle of waking up with a brand new set of eyes, but we have had the miracle of an incredible and quick healing."

Shaela's takes nothing for granted, she's thankful to be alive and thankful for friends, family and even those who don't know her for their continued prayers and support.

Shaela said, "I feel personally that I've increased my connection with the lord and it's so much more important to me than it was before."

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