Big rig fire on HWY 99 near Traver

FRESNO, Calif.

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This is all that's left of the truck now. Action News brought you the story all morning long on AM Live.

The fire started small in a little wheel well, but it spread into the load of cardboard bales.

Firefighters needed flame retardant foam to stop the flames, then Caltrans crews had to clean the cardboard off the highway. And it turns out, the driver stopped his truck in a bad spot.

"Another mile and a half he could've gotten off the freeway. He unfortunately parked underneath one of our freeway message boards," Sgt. Rodney Kennedy said.

The message board is totally ruined and will have to be replaced.

And here's a live look at driving conditions from that location from our ABC30 Live Traffic Tracker. The mess is all cleaned up, but the traffic is still backed up for miles.

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