Exeter prays for Sophia

EXETER, Calif.

Many residents are angered and even outraged at what happened to this little girl. We are not showing her picture because many residents believe this young victim was sexually abused in addition to being physically abused.

Throughout the night people stopped by the vigil for three-year-old Sophia who remains in grave condition at Children's Hospital in Madera.

A few hours earlier, dozens gathered in prayer for her at the park. Many who didn't even know her came out anyway.

Mara Alcorn said, "It's very sad. Very sad things going on and the community came together to bless the little girl."

Exeter Police say Sophia suffered head trauma inside this apartment Saturday and that her injuries are suspicious in nature.

Police also told us the child's mother and her boyfriend, are persons of interest in this case. They have not been arrested.

We caught up with the child's great grandmother at the girl's apartment complex before the vigil. She claims the boyfriend been physically abusive in the past and that the child's mother also shares the blame.

"He slapped them all the time. He whipped them all the time. But they made her lie and say that he didn't do it. She's just as much to blame as he is," said Ruth Williams. "Death is not good enough for either one of them."

Moments after our interview Williams fainted while being consoled by friends. Medics rushed to her aid and took her away.

Back at the vigil people released white and pink balloons into the sky as they prayed for the little girl Wednesday night. Neighbors say there's one thing about Sophia that stood out the most.

Kristin Buick "Her smile. Her smile. She would always be like hi. And just a sweetheart an that's how I want her to be remembered not for what happened to her but I want people to remember how she was."

Besides the vigil at the park, people can go online to support baby Sophia. Vigil organizers set up a Facebook page and they've already got 500 followers.

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