New Boyz rock Central High School

FRESNO, California

But on Monday students enjoyed a free lunch-time concert by "New Boyz." With several hits on their hands New Boyz had the girls screaming at Central High School.

The two 19-years olds had a monster hit, "You're a jerk," in 2009. Their break came from a song they didn't even promote. People copied their on-line dance video.

Ben J of New Boyz explained, "We had like a million videos on our myspace page. It used to freeze up everybody's computer. Warner Brothers called up and said this is a movement yo. Like this is bigger than what you think it is. Like just a dance craze. Man it's a culture, you have kids looking like you guys."

It is the power of social media. Kids had their cell phones and cameras out - ready to post new videos.

A music promoter figured Central High would be the perfect place for the free concert.

Activities director Martha Baldes said, "Central High's real popular to have bands because we're one of the biggest schools around. We have a really diverse student population."

New Boyz drops a new CD this week titled "Too Cool To Care." The message for young people - stand up to bullies.

Legacy of New Boyz said, "You think it's cool and everyone else is knocking you, it don't matter. Just do it. When we first came out we had the extra tight skinny jeans with "you're a jerk." Everyone was talking about it outside California because they didn't know about it but we was doing us."

Central High's CTV student staff enjoyed the duo's personalities and their songs. Senior Jasmine Reynozo said, "They're super catchy and I love them and I'm just happy they're here to perform them."

Not many schools can say a couple of hit makers dropped by for lunch.

As for their real names, Legacy is Dominic Thomas. Ben J is Earl Benjamin. They're both thankful for the success they've enjoyed.

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