Prince performing in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

His royal highness Prince is performing tonight at Fresno's Savemart Center.

As of this morning -- we checked Ticketmaster -- and tickets are still available

Prince still holds the record for the highest-attended musical concert from his last performance here at the Savemart Center.

Prince, the performer in purple and musical royalty, is making his way to Fresno's Savemart Center Wednesday night.

The last time he graced the stage here, September 2004.

Nearly seven years later Fresno Bee's pop culture columnist Mike Osegueda is still raving.

"It just sort of gave me a new appreciation for what he does and how captivating a performer he is and that's really what it is, you watch him and you're like wow! He doesn't try too hard, but you just can't look away from him, you know?"

This time, just five days before tonight's concert, Prince's people announced the Fresno stop smack dab in the middle of his "21-nite stand" at the forum in Los Angeles.

Valley fans went into a frenzy on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

"So I don't know if they were trying to be mysterious on purpose, to sort of lend that aura of wow, this is exclusive and different but I saw a lot of that, really? Really? This is going on? Where do I get information?"

Tickets went on sale Aaturday at noon and hndreds showed up to the Savemart Center box office. Even more tried their luck online.

Reviewers are praising the show's massive musical medley, lasting three to four hours, with multiple encores.

And you can bet Prince will play plenty of homage to his early favorites. St lists from previous performances include Purle Rain, Raspberry Beret, Kiss, U Got The Look and When Doves Cry.

Savemart Center has issued a traffic advisory for the hours between 5:30 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Expect heavy congestion around this area before and after the concert. If you're attending arrive early, if you're not, stay away.

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