A city in mourning comes together for Sophia

FRESNO, Calif.

The man taking center stage is Jason Michael Carroll. One of his smash hits is called -- "Alyssa Lies". It's based on a girl who dies as a result of child abuse. His concert had been planned long before the tragic death of little Sophia Acosta.

Still when he learned of the eerie similarities between his lyrics and Sophia's case he decided to perform the song in her honor.

"I mean here in Exeter as well. I mean that's a terrible thing. We're hoping to, I understand you've been holding vigils for the families here. For the little girl and hopefully some of those folks will be able to come here tonight and consider this part of the vigil for her." said Carroll.

Just about everyone got out of their seats and stood up when Carroll played Alyssa Lies.

Shyann Robertson has a niece and says the song strikes an emotional chord. "It touches a lot of people. It's song that hits the hearts of anybody who's ever had something bad happen to their child. Or anything bad that's happened to their families." said Robertson.

Exeter Police have not made an arrest in the case. Sophia's mother Erika Smith and her boyfriend Chris Cherry remain persons of interest. Many in the community believe police will eventually hold them responsible.

"Justice. That's all I can say. Pray. I hope and pray that they do get something done to them." said Matcof.

Exeter Police Chief Cliff Bush tells Action News new DNA tests were taken to Fresno where they'll be analyzed to see if Sophia may have been sexually abused.

Meanwhile her father says funeral services for Sophia will take place in Livingston and Winton next Tuesday.

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