Fresno native uncovers Nazi artifacts

FRESNO, Calif.

Fresno State and Fresno Christian Graduate Bradley Hart found an archive of pictures and letters from a Nazi sympathizer named George Pitt-Rivers.

Pitt-Rivers was Winston Churchill's cousin by marriage and a prominent anthropologist, but he had connections to the Nazis in Germany.

In fact, he took pictures of Hitler when he went to a 1937 rally in Nuremberg, one of several trips he made with support from Hitler's government.

Action News talked to Hart via Skype.

"He made three or four visits we're aware of, to give lectures at german universities on topics such as eugenics and the rise of british fascism. And he was closely courted by the german regime," Bradley Hart said.

In all, Hart found more than 1,000 documents and dozens of photographs from Pitt-Rivers in England.

The Fresno native is now a Ph.D. student at Cambridge University.

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