Eye-Q's California Classic

FRESNO, Calif.

Runners and cyclists are gearing up for the inaugural Eye-Q California Classic Weekend. Janie Lowe is a volunteer coordinator. She's also one of 25-hundred runners participating in Sunday's half-marathon.

Janie Lowe said, "It's just phenomenal and we're bringing cyclists and runners together and it's one of the first events of its kind in the valley and we couldn't be more excited about it taking place."

The two-day event kicks off at 7-am Saturday with a series of cycling events, ranging from 35 to 100 miles. A ten mile portion of that route is along the westbound lanes of Highway 168, which will be closed from seven until 10-am.

Coincidentally, Fresno State's graduation ceremony starts at 10-am at the Save Mart Center, which means, some students and their families will have to find another route.

Pam Cottington said, "I had no idea the 168 was closed until like earlier today. Someone mentioned it. A lot of my friends live out that way, so their families will have to go out and around to come back into Fresno to come."

Eye-Q's chief financial officer, Mike Herman says when they started planning the event a year ago, no one knew it would fall on the same weekend as graduation. Still, Herman doesn't expect too many traffic problems on Saturday, since the eastbound lanes will remain open. He warns however, Sunday, might be a different story. 13 miles of streets will be closed as runners make their way through parts of Downtown Fresno and the Chaffee zoo.

Mike Herman said, "We also run through the Tower District, up Palm, Olive and then back down Van Ness and so as the last runners run through we will start opening roads."

On Saturday, organizers say if you're going to Fresno State's graduation, leave early and take Shaw off of Highway 41 or 99.

On Sunday, organizers expect streets Downtown will reopen by 8-am. But, if you're near the Tower District or Chaffee zoo, you will have to go around, or wait until 10-am to pass through.

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