Reedley flavor in Red Bull soapbox race

FRESNO, Calif.

A group of guys has earned a spot in Saturday's Red Bull soapbox race. The race always features hilarious entries. But for the guys who call themselves "The Baked Muscles," it's not just a race. It's a chance to conquer 39 weaker foes standing in the way.

In battle formation they are formidable. The Baked Muscles love the movies "300" and "Troy." Their soapbox entry is even based on Brad Pitt's ship. Their ship set sail in a Reedley neighborhood, a final tune-up before taking on the Red Bull soapbox race course. The Baked Muscles truly believe they are in the driver's seat when it comes to winning.

20-year old Raffy Sencion said, "It's gonna be fun and I know that this thing is built great. It's really strong, its really light."

22-year old Tim Anderson added, "It's not the most functional or the fastest cart but it's sturdy. It won't fall apart but as long as we make it to the end."

It seems the entire Reedley community has pitched in to send these guys to LA. The guys raised over two-grand in sponsorships. Anderson said, "We're poor college kids. We don't have money to be staying at these places. They got us the food, everything. "

The competition in Los Angeles will be fierce with entries featuring an angry bird, Lucha Libre and even Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol.

Red Bull soapbox race organizer Scott Houston explained, "The guys get going up to 40 miles an hour. It's a lot of fun."

The rolling ship didn't getting any test runs on Friday but Raffy's not worried. "We got swords, spears, costumes, all that type of stuff."

Yes they will be in character. As for their name, it was inspired by a favorite dish. "I was just like, hey, I can't wait to eat these baked mussels. We took a little pause from all the soap box stuff. The guys were like, let's roll with that one."

Now they plan to roll to victory on Saturday. Even if they don't win the race, they hope to win the public choice award for fan favorite. You can vote for them by texting Car27 The Baked Muscles to 72855. You can text up to 15 votes per phone.

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