Earth survives May 21st deadline

FRESNO, Calif.

89 year old Harold Camping, who Action News spoke to back in November, said the end of the world would begin today with a rapture. He claimed 200 million people would be swept from the earth -- and the rest -- left to die in earthquakes, plagues and other disasters until the earth was consumed by a fireball on October 21st. Camping has hundreds of followers, but most people are not convinced.

"I'll leave that little inkling in the back of my mind that says maybe he's right. But I'm not too worried about it."

"The bible says that nobody knows when the end is going to come, so that's pretty controversial. So I think it makes Christians, like myself, look foolish when they say they know. How can they know?"

Camping claimed the world was going to end in 1994 as well. He blamed his false predictions on a mathematical error. So far he hasn't commented on today's lack of events.

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