Swastika found after attempted jewelry heist in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

Thieves didn't get away with much of anything. Fresno Police said they also drew a swastika on the wall. They gained entry by breaking into an adjoining pet hospital.

Employees who showed up to work at Companion Animal Hospital in North Fresno were shocked to find their back door had been forced open and a big hole had been cut into a wall.

Someone then crawled through the hole into the business next door. The business, Gold Connection, buys gold, silver and jewelry.

Store employees hope surveillance video can help police find the suspect or suspects. A vent was also ripped open overnight.

Police say no major items were taken from Gold Connection but those at businesses in the same shopping center were shaken up.

BRE Software store manager Tanner Perkins said of the break-in, "I suppose it's a little inventive but it does kind of show you the extremes people will go through to get what they want or try to rip someone off."

Perkins said the area across from River Park is safe but added no areas are crime-free. "Given the liquor store was hit a month and a half ago and then there's something that happened here that close to that it's something to be concerned about."

The veterinarian next door told Action News the break-in was their first in twenty years.

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