Clovis church reaches out to Joplin victims

FRESNO, Calif.

A pastor at Northside Christian Church will be flying out to Joplin Monday.

The trip was planned more than a month ago but it's focus has now changed because of the devastation.

Pastor Lito Solorio of Northside Chruch spoke to church members Sunday as he prepares to share their love with the people of Joplin.

"I know your hearts have been breaking. A lot of people have been asking me how you can help?"

Solorio graduated from Ozark Christian College in Joplin and moved back to Fresno one year ago. On the same day as last week's tornado.

But four church members remain in Joplin, continuing their studies.

On Monday, via Skype. One Valley man described how he wedged himself between a mattress and a box spring in the store where he works as the tornado ripped through the heart of town.

So many lives changed in an instant.

Solorio says another Clovis man found his home completely destroyed.

"He was at work. He's a waiter, he comes home to find his whole appartment is destroyed. He is rifling through some of the wreckage and he found one t-shirt, that's all he found of his clothes," Lito Solorio said.

Solorio is now headed to Joplin with giftcards, shoes, and other supplies to help the church's own as well as the people of Joplin.

Church members say the area can use all the help they can give.

"You see the devastation in the paper and you see the devastation in the news and it is powerful. That you realize the power that God can do, good and bad. It's amazing," Cheri Putler said.

"I think as a country, we do come togehther. These are our neighbors and our brothers and sisters and we want to help," Sandy Valenti said.

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