How to keep your gun safe

FRESNO, Calif.

According to one local gun seller, more and more people are buying the safety equipment.

But many still worry that "child-proofing" their gun will get in the way of using the weapon in an emergency.

"This is probably the most popular trigger lock we sell here..."

Merritt Gilbert at Valley Rod and Guns in Clovis says gun-lock sales have been going up in recent years.

"We sell quite a few trigger locks out of here, we sell various things to lock up guns, where 4-5 years ago we didnt see that."

By law, gun buyers must also purchase a Department Of Justice-approved safety device, but many do so willingly out of concern for their children. Locks like this one prevent the trigger from being pulled and accidentaly discharging the weapon.

"You hear it happening every so often around the country and a 2-year-old can fire a gun under certain circumstances."

But critics say trigger locks increase the time it takes to access the gun in an emergency.

Unless you have the key handy, opening a gun lock or one of these gun cases can take a couple of minutes.

"A lot of people are not recreational shooters, they have them for one reason, home defense. Takes a little while to get into, if you need them in a hurry it can be problematic."

Sturdy gun safe in Downtown Fresno have been making these heavy steel gun safes for over 30 years.

"This one would hold in the neighborhood of 8 long guns with lots of side shelving."

Owner Terry Pratt sells the safes online to customers all over the country. He says 98% of his clients buy these large, heavy duty safes for personal use, either to prevent accidental shootings like Sunday's where a 6-year-old girl was shot by her 2-year old brother or to keep them out of the hands of burglars.

"A thief could come in, steal that gun and then use it in a crime to hurt someone else."

For parents looking for something smaller, less expensive, but with easy access, he recommends pistol boxes like this one. They cost about $150 and can be opened by key or security code, in just seconds.

"These aren't high security, but they will keep the kids out and thats what's important."

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