Arrest in child, grandfather shooting in Sanger

FRESNO, Calif.

Members of the gang unit posted themselves outside a home in Sanger for hours Wednesday night. Police arrested 18 year old Javier Verdusco here and say he's the shooter that fired at Richard Olivarez and his four year old grandson back on May 19th.

"Earlier today around 4 o'clock officers developed information that he was at this residence and we made contact and he came out peacefully." said Cpl. Robert Thiele.

Olivarez had been sitting with his grandson on his lap on the front porch of their home when someone opened fire. A single bullet struck Olivarez in the hand and then also hit his four year old grandson in the arm.

The crime outraged the community and police went all out to try and crack this case. They quickly rounded up three suspects and confiscated the black Honda Civic believed to have been used in the attack.

Investigators say the arrest of suspected shooter Wednesday is the culmination of all their hard work.

"It took officers getting out and making contact with lots of people. There's been several search warrants written and served in relation to this case. Took multiple arrests to get to the point where we're at." said Cpl. Thiele.

Sanger Police have beefed up its gang unit considerably since March. Chief Tom Klose has more than doubled the amount of gang officers which he says has decreased gang related crimes in the area except for this one incident.

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