Ontario, Calif trash can murder suspect to be in court


Police say 51-year-old Carmen Montenegro killed her ex-boyfriend, 63-year-old Samuel Wiggins Jr. and tried to hide his body.

Wednesday night, Montenegro's 25-year-old son Daniel Ortiz and her 26-year-old daughter Chanel Ortiz were arrested for their involvement in that alleged murder.

Monday, investigators dug up the backyard of an Ontario home Montenegro used to live in. Authorities were searching for evidence after neighbors called 911, claiming that Montenegro was wheeling around a trash can filled with body parts on Sunday.

When police arrived, they confirmed that body parts were indeed inside that trash can and later identified them as the remains of Wiggins. Authorities also confirmed that more of Wiggins' body parts were found at a home in Bell Gardens.

Police said Montenegro and her son brought those remains to the residence and buried them in two large flower pots. Investigators said Wiggins' entire body has been recovered, but they are continuing to search his Diamond Bar residence for more evidence.

Formal charges have yet to be presented against Montenegro's children.

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