Sheri's Roadhouse is closing after 13 years in business

FRIANT, Calif.

Although it may be most known as a biker bar, over the years, Sheri's Roadhouse built a wide ranging customer base.

The owner of Sheri's Roadhouse, Sheri Grote said, "We have a very diverse clientele. Everything from the bikers to the local cowboys to the mountain people, the Friantites as we call them from Friant."

Friday Sheri served up ice cold beer to customers for one of the last times.

Sheri said, "I'm horrible with names so I call everybody sweetheart, hun, babe."

Over the years, friends have become like family.

Sheri said, "We always called ourselves the friendliest saloon in the hills."

William Tucker stopped in on his way up to fish, just to reminisce and say goodbye. "It's kinda like a cliche, dive bar but it applies to a lot of little bars. But this is, there's some good things going on here. A lot of people that are happy. They party, and sing and dance and play games."

Close to 13 years ago Sheri opened up these doors and she remembers having just two customers that day. Well it's grown and close to a thousand people pass through these doors each weekend. Sheri says there are several keys to her success.

"I've worked in restaurants and bars since I was 16. And the way you treat your clientele is, you get to know everybody," said Sheri. "You treat your regulars as if it was the first time they walked through that door and you treat the people who it's their first time in here like they were regular all the time."

Sheri says it wasn't her decision to close her doors. She leases the building and says the land owners refused to renew her rental agreement. "Everyone thinks I'm closing because I want to and that's not the case."

Although it is difficult, she is trying to make the most of what is very bittersweet.

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