Clovis North graduates first class of seniors

FRESNO, Calif.

Karli said, "It seems like only yesterday when we were walking onto the school, and it was only us, little Freshmen, now, we're finally graduates."

Dennis added, "I'm excited that's for sure. I'm finally leaving high school it's been four years and feels great."

Karli and Dennis are among the 380 students making up the very first graduating class at Clovis North. The school opened in 2008. Dennis said starting at a brand new school had it's good points.

"Plusses, we were the first to use the facility, so everything was brand new to us."

But things weren't perfect.

"Since we are new we didn't have all the usual stuff a high school would have."

But Dennis and Karli made the most of it. Dennis was involved in a lot of activities including mock trial and forensics, and Karli told us, "I've been involved in leadership, going to football games, basketball games, planning proms and formals and stuff has really like made my high school what it has been."

But it wasn't all just fun and games. Karli is graduating with a 4.5 grade point average, Dennis, a 4.1.

Karli is heading off to UCLA where she'll major in Communications. Dennis is heading to UC Irvine, where he'll major in Bio-Medical Engineering.

Both told us support from their families was one key to their success. We asked both for what advice they would give students still trying to make it through high school.

Dennis said; "You need a support system. Somebody who will support any decision you make and not put you down and don't get down and think you can't do something. Try it."

Karli's advice; "Find a balance. Organize your time. Time management is key. Know your limits as to what you can and can't do. Everybody's different. You can't expect everyone to be this perfect student. Everyone has their strengths."

Graduation ceremonies take place Thursday night at 7:30PM at Veterans Memorial Stadium in Clovis.

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