Sporting events canceled, traffic troubles due to rain

FRESNO, Calif.

Hundreds of athletes, coaches and fans converge on Clovis for the state high school track and field championship.

James Robertson said, "I have everything going, I got my jackets and everything I need."

Robertson drove to Clovis from Los Angeles on Friday. He says he expected the typical 90 to hundred degree Valley weather.

Robertson said, "Unfortunately we have a little rain, but it's not bad, it's not pouring down so it'll be okay."

Even though the rain has not been heavy, Robertson took the extra step to keep his feet from getting wet. And others made sure to pack the umbrellas so they could bare the rain to watch their teens compete.

As for roads around the Valley, there have been several accidents due to the slick conditions. Along Oive and First sent two people to the hospital after an SUV crashed into a pick up and a tow truck.

Officer Nick Scofield said, "We've also had a few rollovers on the freeway today. One thing people need to remember is when the roadway is wet and we have slick conditions, very rarely does the rain cause accidents most of the time it's people driving too fast in the rain."

The CHP believes the driver of this compact car lost control on a freeway on-ramp and rolled down an embankment on the 180 freeway Saturday afternoon. The driver was not hurt in the crash.

The rain has let up in Clovis. As for the track meet, I'm told the surface on the track is designed to help athletes keep their traction even while it's raining.

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