Arizona fugitive arrested in SoCal after faking death

FRESNO, Calif.

Neighbors in a quiet Palm Springs neighborhood were shocked to learn /*Robert George Arcieri*/ -- the man they know as "Frank" -- was actually wanted for attempted murder.

Phoenix Police say Arcieri was part of a crime syndicate. In 1984, he was accused of breaking into a woman's house and severely beating her.

Before he could be charged, authorities say he went on a fishing trip and faked his own death.

Sgt. Tommy Thompson said, "He and some other individuals feigned that he had fallen in the river and presumably had drowned."

The now 72-year-old Arcieri went on to start a new life near a golf resort in /*Thousand Palms*/, under an alias "Frank Roman Reynolds."

Detectives learned new information about his location in March.

He was arrested this week after 24 years on the run, and flown back to Arizona, charged with 16 counts.

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