Humvee stolen from U.S. Army Reserve Center in SW Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

Police were called out to the compound which is located at the Chandler Airport around 6:30 Sunday morning.

A team of Army reserves spent Sunday morning repairing the main security gate at the U.S. Army Reserve center in Southwest Fresno.

Investigators say someone plowed into it sometime overnight after making off with this Humvee.

"These are rugged off road vehicles. They're designed to operate on a battlefield and go through obstacles, so it did what it was designed to do and it drove through the fence," Captain Andrew Fishkin said.

In fact, the thief or thieves drove through not one but two fences.

And gaining access into these highly secured areas isn't easy.

"There was no way to get in without cutting pad locks. And these are not your little master locks. These are far higher strength."

Humvees don't have ignition keys. So whoever stole it, likely knew what they were doing.

First, they had to cut a cable, then they had to turn specific dials just to get the vehicle to start.

"Unless you know what you're doing, a lot of people would sit in a military vehicle and not ever know how to start it. Would play with it for hours before they figured it out."

Someone from the public was the first to contact police after noticing the broken fence.

Officers alerted agencies Valley-wide to be on the look-out for the missing Humvee.

Within three hours a break in case came when Fresno County Sheriff's Detectives responded to a domestic violence call just a few miles away. "And it happened to be a Humvee in the backyard of the residence they were at,"Sergeant Ron Grimm said.

Deputies took a man at home into custody on a domestic violence charge.

As for the Humvee he could face both state and federal charges for vehicle theft and vandalism.

"This is very unusual. We've had some heavy construction equipment taken in the past, but I can't recall the last time we had a military vehicle taken."

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