Drying out after a powerful weekend storm

FRESNO, Calif.

Martin Baughman said, "Everybody has been discovering everything this morning and we've been running around cleaning it up."

A massive tree branch knocked over a portion of the fence bordering Sam Hotchkin's Northwest Fresno home.

Sam Hotchkin said, "Something could have hit the house. I mean, if these trees are all planted in the wrong place. And if one of them came down, it would have been pretty bad."

In Central Fresno, city crews used a chipper to remove a tree.

Cindy Lopez did much of the work herself, as she raked branches and leaves in front of her home.

Cindy Lopez said, "It was really bad, it was lightning, thunder, branches were falling."

An Action News viewer sent a picture in, showing the cloud cover over Fresno. And in a video, taken in Hanford, you can hear loud thunder.

The continuous rain flooded several streets including one on Palm and in Yale in Central Fresno. And, in Downtown Fresno, city crews had to detour traffic near Fresno and G streets after several inches of standing water collected in the underpass.

Brian Russell said, "Well, the issue today is there was actually a pg and e electrical outage here, so therefore the pumps that pump this intersection weren't working properly. You don't anticipate storms like this in the middle of June. It's just something we're working through."

Fresno and G streets have since been re-opened. City crews warn, once all the water clears, pot holes, will begin to form. If you notice problems in your area, call 621-CITY.

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