A look inside the new ER at Children's Hospital

FRESNO, Calif.

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The staff at Children's Hospital was too busy treating kids to soak in their new surroundings. The colorful artwork is designed to help young patients relax during a stressful time.

Dr. Robert Kezirian said, "For patients it's a different perspective. They see the amenities, the colors, the non-intimidating pictures on the wall so it makes them more comfortable."

Four state of the art surgical suites have been added along with two MRI machines. Dr. Larry Satkowiak says the new rooms offer more patient privacy.

Dr. Larry Satkowiak said, "You don't want to share your information with people sitting on the other side of a curtain. But you don't want those distractions. If the child on the other side of a curtain is undergoing an IV you don't want your child to hear that crying and screaming because that gets them worked up."

The 60 thousand square foot paramount farms plaza is the second largest pediatric ER in the state. The new emergency wing is part of a $66 million expansion at Children's Hospital. It was needed to serve a rapidly growing community."

Charge Nurse Rougeh Awad says the new building comes at a perfect time.

"Last season really hit us hard and we felt we truly were not able to accommodate all the Central Valley kids," said Awad. "We have been begging, praying for something similar to this for a long time."

Children's Hospital expects to serve over 70 thousand patients this year. Over 200 kids pass through the emergency room every day.

You can learn more about the expansion at children's hospital in our upcoming ABC30 special. "Children's Hospital Central California - The Best Choice for Kids" airs Sunday, June 19th at 6:30 p.m. right here on ABC30.


New emergency room unveiled at Children's Hospital
By Shannon Handy

Children's Hospital Central California unveiled its new emergency room wing to the public Tuesday.

The 60,000 square foot expansion cost $66 million.

Children's Hospital Central California sees 70,000 patients every year.

Sometimes, it gets so busy, patients are moved to outdoor tents.

The hospital staff hopes this new wing will meet the growing needs of families here in the Central Valley.

Brand new medical equipment and artwork on the walls are just some of the highlights of the brand new Paramount Farms Plaza inside Children's Hospital Central California.

The facility cost $66 million and is part of an $87 million construction project, making the emergency room here the second largest pediatric ER in the state.

"We've been waiting for extra rooms because we've been inundated specifically this past season with many many sick kids, and we just didn't have any place to put them in," Rougeh Awad said.

The two-story expansion project features 11 private rooms, four state-of-the-art surgical suites, two MRI scanners and a helipad.

Dr. Robert Kezirian, who has been with Children's Hospital for 20 years, says, the new additions will allow doctors and nurses to perform their duties more efficiently.

"It's bigger, it's the size we need, the lighting is better. It enables me to get my patients better cared for. I can get them to the imaging department faster; I can get medications to my patients faster," Dr. Robert Kezirian said.

But, more than anything, the staff here at Children's Hospital says the primary goal of Paramount Farms Plaza is to make the young patients and their families feel comfortable and safe.

"The patients are more relaxed. They get better faster. We can care for them better and everyone is more happy in their work place."

The new wing officially opened at 9 a.m.

It was built using state bonds and private donations.

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