Help heads to Joplin thanks to a Fresno State student

FRESNO, Calif.

Kayla Christiansen began collecting clothing, furniture and toiletries a week and a half ago for residents of Joplin, the city hit hard by a deadly tornado recently. Her uncle lives there and has been telling her stories of loss and devastation.

Tuesday afternoon, a truck hit the road with supplies in tow, headed for Joplin.

Christiansen said, "There was a lot of stuff... it better all fit."

Originally a Visalia transportation broker offered to ship the load for free. But when attempts failed to collect donations from truckers, he told Kayla she would have to come up with $2,500.00 to send the load.

After our story about Kayla's plight ran on Action News, viewers called to donate and the full $2,500.00 was raised.

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