Overnight storm worried Valley farmers

FRESNO, Calif.

No major crop damage was reported. But around the Valley we saw how much water the fast-moving storm produced. Some Ag damage might not show up for a few weeks.

Almond trees full of nuts toppled over in an orchard in Kerman. The ground was saturated with water and a brisk breeze was all it took to rip the roots out of the soil.

Instead of producing almonds these trees will be cut and sold for firewood. Grape vineyards also got a deep soaking. The moisture creates another problem.

Dave Sersland said, "Well you gotta worry about mildew right now, depending on this weather. Probably fungicide, keep sulfuring them or something because you get mildew in there it's a nasty story."

Action News viewer Nancy Knaak sent us this video of hail cannon going off overnight in the Reedley area.

Hail cannon are used to protect stonefruit like peaches and nectarines. Growers believe the loud booms can soften hail and prevent damage.

Dave Sersland grows about 90 different crops in Rolinda. He hopes the sun and light winds limit damage in his tree fruit.

"We don't know what's going to happen until next week, how fast it dries out," said Sersland. "If not, we may have to go through with fungicide or something. We may get some dry rot."

Sersland says weeks of cold weather have been more troublesome than the most recent storm. Just as this lizard soaks in the sun's rays so do Sersland's squash and tomatoes. The harvest of both has been delayed until the crops get more heat.

"The tomatoes look very good for all they've been through. Very healthy. We just need color," said Sersland. "You can see all the green ones out there."

Many farmers say their harvest is about two weeks behind schedule because of the cool weather.

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