Clovis High School Lip Dub goes viral

FRESNO, California

The video is called a "Lip Dub"... where the students are mouthing the words to the songs in the video. Students all over the country have tried their hand at Lip Dubs this year. But this senior class video is unique, it includes every single student in a class of over 600 and it was all shot in one take.

It started out as just a simple senior farewell video. But class officers decided halfway through the planning process every single senior should be in the video. They raised $200.00 to hire a professional videographer and shot the entire ten minute video in one take.

Every sports team, every club, every clique on campus is included in some way in the video.

As the students practiced Wednesday morning for graduation, they proudly reflected on their musical accomplishment.

Jenna Prandini said, "I really don't think any other school could do anything like this. The school really just came together as one big group. Everybody was happy to do what they were doing and they really got into it, so it was really exciting."

Tim Jeung said, "There was pretty much a guideline of what we had to do. But we had a lot of freedom on what we chose to do for our part, so nobody had to fight for attention. They pretty much let us do what we wanted to do as long as it was in limits."

One of the limits was... the students could make no noise during the recording of the video.

Clovis High Activities Director Chrissy Prandini said, "It was star testing so when we approached our principal with the idea. She said, 'can you guarantee that it will be shot silently?' And we said, 'yep! We'll do it!'"

Clovis High Activities Director Chrissy Prandini says the entire video was shot in silence with the exception of her boombox... which traveled with the camera as it moved around campus.

What started as a senior class farewell video has now gone viral with over 12 thousand views on YouTube.

Prandini said, "I'm all for it... if something's gonna go viral on a high school campus. I want it to be this! I want it to be a great example of school unity and pride in your class!"

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