Kingsburg residents say enough is enough to crime


The latest burglary in Kingsburg happened at this home last Friday. Police believe its related to a string of other burglaries and attempted burglaries that occurred throughout the city. Neighbors we spoke with were shocked to hear the news.

Investigators say at least 18 burglaries have happened in Kingsburg over the past three months.

The rash of break-ins prompted some residents like Maria Blackwell to say enough is enough. She's spent the past week handing out more than a hundred of these flyers to people all over the city.

The fliers explain the suspicious activity that's been happening in her neighborhood.

"While passing out these flyers I would say in the neighborhood one person knew about what was going on. There just isn't the communication that I think needs to done in the community." said Blackwell.

And with a dwindling budget police chief Jeff Dunn says it may come down to someone with their eyes peeled that results in an arrest being made.

"That's what's going to stop these crimes and what will help us catch the criminals. Somebody's going to call us at the right time when the suspicious people are in their neighborhood and allow law enforcement to catch them." said Dunn.

Blackwell and others are drumming up support for next week's city council meeting where they hope to express their concerns.

Kingsburg mayor Bruce Blayney understands their frustrations.

"Unfortunately we are also located in-between a number of areas that have a lot of hard economic times. And we're seeing some people who are desperate coming in to take advantage of that." said Blayney.

The city council meeting is scheduled for June 15th at Kingsburg city hall.

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