Fresno officers, firefighters seen in questionable photos

FRESNO, Calif. The pictures were taken Wednesday at a car show in Central Fresno.

They show several girls in bikinis - posing with uniformed firefighters and police officers, as well as with fire trucks and patrol cars.

At this point, the city has not been able to confirm whether the officers and firefighters were on duty when the pictures were taken.

This picture posted on the website, shows what appear to be two Fresno police officers, posing with three bikin- clad girls in front of a patrol car.

In another one, a Fresno Firefighter is seen posing with a large group of girls in front of a Fresno fire truck.

The photographer tells Action News the firefighters and police officers were on duty at the time---and that they initially declined taking a picture when asked by the models.

Over the phone, Sal Hernandez said, "At first, they said no. They said, come on, it's just a photo, it's just for fun. So, they were reluctant, but they agreed to it. But they kept it professional.. It wasn't like act like you're arresting me, or anything like that. It's just stand next to them."

The pictures were taken on Wednesday during the Show and Shine Car and Bike Show at Aldo's Nightclub in Central Fresno.

In a statement to Action News, Fresno city manager, Mark Scott, said quote, "If these photos are real, it would involve a clear violation of Fresno's public safety agencies' ethical and professional standards, and we will deal with them through our existing personnel practices."

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer also released a statement, saying, in part, quote, "An internal affairs investigation has been initiated to determine the circumstances surrounding these photographs, as well as the conduct of the officers involved."

Fresno City Council Member, Larry Westerlund says, the photos don't look good for either department.

Larry Westerlund said, "There's appropriate behavior and inappropriate behavior and this just does not look good, so it needs to be dealt with appropriately."

Fresno's Fire Chief did not release a statement, he referred us to City Hall.

Meanwhile, the Clubflys photographer tells Action News that the Police Department asked him to take the pictures down.

The pictures showing firefighters were also removed from the site.

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