Tough competetion for teens looking for summer jobs

FRESNO, Calif.

The job market last summer was the worst in decades for teens, according to the us Bureau of Labor statistics. It hit rock bottom, and this summer the forecast isn't showing much improvement.

Just a few days ago Danielle Stewart graduated from Clovis High School. And she's already learning there's tough competition for jobs she is applying for.




Initially she hoped to land a retail job- now, she's just hoping to find any job.

"Honestly anything, I just need a job, I need to help pay for college and for gas, so I don't care," Stewart said.

Many of Danielle's friends are also facing the disappointing reality of a job market saturated with applicants who are all competing for limited opportunities. Not only that, teens are also finding out at job interviews, they are not up against their peers, but many who are overqualified for the job.

"When I go there's usually people who are twenty years older than me with so much job experience trying to work at Claires."

Janis Parker of Workforce Connection says finding a job has even more challenges this year since the Summer Youth Program ended. The program helped teens find summer jobs, but came to a halt after federal funding was cut.

"It's going to be a little more difficult for the teens because due to the economy, it's hard for the adult job seekers so the competition is going to be much tougher for the youth to find jobs as well," Parker said.

Since it's a tough market, parker says teen job seekers need to be fully prepared for interviews.

"The main thing for high school kids is that they understand they need to dress appropriately, have that attitude that they want to succeed that they way to learn and that they will be an asset to the employer."

Danielle is hoping that greeting store managers in person, will give her at least a small advantage over the potential employees who just email their application over the internet.

"For me that's harder because I want to be face to face to the person I turning it into so they know me and have a face to put to the paper I'm giving to them."

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