Hand-made cheerleading signs vandalized in Tulare

FRESNO, Calif.

"And then her stand is broken off because she has a stand to stand up and then her pom pom is gone."

Cheerleading mom Amy Johnson's heart broke when she saw these hand-made cheerleading signs had been vandalized.

"The girls are kind of upset because ethey put a lot of hard work into it the girls physically painted them and fdrew the faces and did everything on these things," Johnson said.

The cheer squad has four sets of these signs..but on Saturday morning they discovered one had been stolen. It turned up a few days later heavily damaged on a Tulare Union High School administrator's front lawn.

The word "spirited" was crossed out and the word "stolen" written over it. Plus the letters "T" and "U."

"Upset becaue we put all that work into it," Janessa Johnson said. "You can see where the gold paint is across there as well."

The signs, which include two wooden cheerleaders and the message "you've been spirited" are part of a fundraising effort by Tulare Western High School's cheerleading squad. At night, the girls secretly place them on the front lawn of someone they know.

The next morning, once the homeowner sees they've been "spirited," they pay a removal fee to the cheerleaders.

The money helps pay for the students to attend summer cheerleading camp.

"They learn tons of material there they can bring back with them cheers and stunts and dances so its' a big and it's also a big bonding process for them," Johnson said.

The vandalism and theft set the team back at least $400.

"Mot only that is that goign to cost us money but the time we're having to refix and the time they were taken and brought back and everything we lost some pretty good money off of this."

Tulare Western's cheer squad will have a car wash fundraiser Saturday morning at Tulare and Laspina streets. They need to raise $5,000 by the first week of July.

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