Valley football star dangerously fast on and off the field

FRESNO, Calif.

Action News has learned University of Oregon player Cliff Harris' recent ticket in Oregon is just the latest in a series of speeding violations for the Fresno native.

Sunday's incident isn't the first time Cliff Harris has gotten in trouble with the law, mostly because of his driving. Harris has racked of 11 citations both here in Fresno and in Oregon.

This video from 2007, shows Cliff Harris going 95 yards to score a touchdown, during one of his football games at Fresno's Edison High School.

Four years later, the star cornerback is still making winning plays at the University of Oregon, but it's his behavior off the field that's creating headlines.

Early Sunday morning, Harris was cited in Oregon for driving 118 miles per hour on a suspended license. The car he was driving was a rental, provided to him by a University of Oregon employee.

Harris has been suspended from the team indefinitely and the NCAA is now investigating whether any rules were broken when the employee lent him the car.

In a statement, Oregon's head coach, Chip Kelly said in part, quote, "Until Cliff is able to conform to the same standards all of us must comply with, his status will remain unchanged."

Action News has learned, Harris' legal issues go far beyond Sunday's incident. In all, Harris has received six citations during his time in Oregon. But, his troubles started here in the Valley.

These court documents show Harris received a total of five traffic citations in the city of Fresno between 2008 and 2010. Charges include speeding, running a stop sign and driving without a license. The fines total, 2,736 dollars, none of which, Harris has paid.

"He's a recidivist. He comes back and he comes back and gets tickets after ticket after ticket."

Melissa white is an attorney, who used to work for the Fresno police department as well as the Fresno County district attorney's office. She says, up until this point, Harris has avoided jail time because the majority of his offenses have been minor infractions. But, his legal problems may catch up with him because Harris has not appeared in court for any of these citations.

Melissa White said, "At this point, he's built up to the point where he could get his car towed, you know, get actually arrested, taken to the jail, getting booked."

Harris will likely owe thousands of dollars more on the citations because of all the late fees. Aside from his traffic troubles, Harris was also charged with a misdemeanor while at Edison High School, for obstructing a police officer.

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