Nice weather draws big crowds to Merced Co. Fair

MERCED, Calif.

This is the second straight year the fair has been held in June instead of July. It was moved last year to avoid a conflict with the Mid-State Fair, and the change paid off with a 17 percent increase in attendance.

"We are loving this weather, the best move they made was moving the fair to June. In July this thing used to 130 degrees on the asphalt, and we've got perfect weather this week, so we absolutely love coming back," Matthew Holguin said.

Holguin, whose legendary gelato is also a favorite at the Big Fresno Fair, says the milder temperatures keep his cool treats from melting too fast. It's also much better for all the animals.

Monica Garcia is showing her swine this week, less than one year after she and her boyfriend suffered serious injuries during a shooting in Planada. It's another significant step for the determined teen. "It's been a little harder than some other years, but it's okay I'm getting through it."

She and her friends are also enjoying the rest of the fair, which is one day shorter this year than in the past.

"We eliminated the Tuesday part of the fair and started one day later on Wednesday. That was strictly a budget type decision," Diane Conway said.

Conway points out admission and ride prices have stayed the same. Now organizers are hoping the reasonable rates and nice weather will draw big crowds this Father's Day weekend.

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