Rising water from the Kings River prompts flood warning


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Well melted snowpack is making its way down to the valley in places like the Kings River and more is expected this week. The rising water is creeping dangerously close to some residents at an R-V park across the street who say management is doing little to address the problem.

The creek at the River Bend R-V Park is flowing smoothly, except for the places where the water is so high it's gone over the banks.

Aida Romero's front yard now looks like a pond. "We just woke up and we've seen the water and it was rising, rising." said Romero.

Romero's lived here for nine years and has never seen anything like this. And she has nowhere else to go if the water gets into her home.

"Well we need help. We need help from the owners. From whomever can come and help us." added Romero.

"It's getting worse. The water is coming that way." said Bob Williams.

Bob Williams lives on the other side of the creek and has standing water in his front yard. He says the new management here is upside down when it comes to fixing their problems.

"Making it look nice up there that's fine. But put a little back here for us so that people don't get flooded out. Can't come to their homes. You got ponds in your front yard. It's bad." said Williams.

Williams is referring to new campsite located on another side of the property. Many residents feel management has put their safety concerns on the back burner in order to sell spots at the campground.

The park manager didn't want to talk on camera, but flatly denied the accusations. He says residents all know they're in a flood prone area and it's up to them to protect their homes and evacuate if necessary. That escape plan relies on a bridge which residents fear may collapse.

"Well if it's flooded out, that's the only way out of here. So you can't drive out if the bridge is gone." added Williams.

And because the park is in a known flood zone, Fresno County deputies will not offer any support unless someone's life is in danger. The residents at the R-V park say they have no plans to leave.

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