Amish sexter arrest for sex invite to girl, 12

FRESNO, California

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Police say Williard Yoder, who is Amish, sent 600 text and photo messages to a 12 year old girl asking for sex.

When police were contacted, they set up a sting operation, asking Yoder to meet the girl at a local restaurant. Police say Yoder arrived at the meeting spot in a horse-drawn buggy.

Officer Craig Pennington said, "We set up in our positions, and we heard the vehicle coming down the roadway. We thought, 'well, this is obviously going to be it.'"

Yoder was arrested for four counts of soliciting a minor. He's due back in court in September.

While the Amish typically shun the use of technology, local residents say it's common to see Amish people using cell phones in the community.

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