US Airways lets man fly wearing female panties

June 22, 2011 2:54:35 PM PDT
A man who was wearing little but women's undergarments was allowed to fly on US Airways. The scantily clad man flew from Fort Lauderdale to Phoenix on June 9. A woman who was on the flight said passengers complained about the man's attire, but employees ignored those complaints.

US Airways spokeswoman Valerie Wunder confirmed that she had received a photo of the man, but said employees had been correct not to ask the man to cover himself. She said that US Airways does not have a dress code policy beyond the need to cover private parts.

Wunder would not comment on a June 15 incident involving Deshon Marman. Marman was removed from an Albuquerque-bound flight from San Francisco International after he allegedly declined a pilot's request to raise his pajama pants above mid-thigh level. Police have only said that Marman's boxer shorts were exposed.

Marman's attorney, Joe O'Sullivan, said that his client had been stereotyped by US Airways as a thug and that the airline was guilty of racial discrimination because they asked Marman to adjust his clothing.

US Airways countered that Marman was removed because he failed to comply with the request of a US Airways' employee.