Triple digit heat impacts Valley workers

FRESNO, Calif.

Healon is just one of the many Valley residents who worked outside while others sought shelter in the air conditioning. "What I can I do? I have to work. I have to keep my jobs," said Madera landscaper Felix Hernandez. He spent the day landscaping more than 10 yards, taking frequent water breaks with his crew.

Fresno Police Officer Mike Troehler said water and shade are most important when it comes to patrolling in the heat. "You'd be surprised how much shade will help. For example, a light standard pole puts off about eight inches of shade. And we'll use that eight inches of shade in order to stay cool," said Troehler.

When all else fails, Troehler also knows where to find air conditioning. "I've been known to walk into a 7/11 beer cooler and just sit in the cooler a bit to get your body to cool down. That has been known to happen," said Troehler.

Dr. Karuna Kem of Fresno said no matter what you do, inside or out, people should take the threat of heatstroke seriously. He recommends staying out of direct sunlight if possible and staying hydrated. "If you are out there doing something, you should be continually taking in water... A glass of water every hour is good," said Dr. Karuna Kem.

Doctors Kem said the young and the elderly are the most prone to heat-related illness. They should use extra caution during this extreme heat.

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